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Sewing Tidbits

Sewing Tidbits is the sewing blog written since 2013 by Delphine, the co-founder of Just Patterns.

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So I'm in Haiti...

Sewing Tidbits


View of Port-au-Prince taken from l'Observatoire Boutiliers!I arrived on the 5th of March in Port-au-Prince. My new job is great, I managed to find a lovely apartment in Montagne Noire, my colleagues are very nice and I just found a great yoga studio but.... my shipment, with all my sewing stuff, has been waiting to go through customs for several weeks now. Don't get me wrong, I do miss my friends and family, but I can talk to them! I cannot talk to my industrial juki and I miss her (yes, she's a girl)... Please Haitian customs people, REUNITE US !!!Anyway, this is why I'm not posting or sewing anything and it's getting frustrating.See you soon! (I hope...)