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Sewing Tidbits

Sewing Tidbits is the sewing blog written since 2013 by Delphine, the co-founder of Just Patterns.

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Pink silk top - Long time UFO, long time UBO...

Sewing Tidbits


This blouse was also finished before I left New York. This UFO (UnFinished Object) and UBO (UnBlogged object) was actually started it back in june 2012 when I traced the pattern and cut the fabric and then I put it in a drawer until 4 months ago when I finished it right before my move. So it did take me 1 year to show it from start to finish/blog.CIMG2137The pattern is from a 2003 Burda Magazine that I always liked and never took the time to make before. Which, was probably a good idea since my silk handling skills just recently improved (and there is still a lot of room for progress).Burda 2003Line DrawingThe fabric is silk charmeuse from Paron's in NYC. The pattern plays with the contrast between the matte and the shiny side of charmeuse. But I did not cut the neck band on the right side and since it's asymetrical (and I had no more fabric) it's on the matte instead of shiny. Only the pocket and the sleeve "cuffs" ended up being on the shiny side.CIMG2141The side knot is leather and the construction of it is quite smart. It doesn't come from inside the shirt but it's hidden in a fold. I tried to take a few pictures to show it better.IMG_0629IMG_0628I actually like this shirt a lot, and I wear it more than I thought I would. I find the cut to be quite flattering. But as with all silk blouse and hot caribbean weather, the main risk is hum hum... sweat marks... Sorry, I'm humane... So I have to think about my day first, will I spend it inside with AC or do I have to walk around?Here are a few close ups to show the contrast of the charmeuse.IMG_0630 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 I don't remember making any adjustments to the pattern, but of course, one year later who would remember ??!!IMG_0636 IMG_0635 IMG_0634 In other news, after some fit issues, the Burda dress is finally done but if you follow me on Instagram you already know that... The weather wasn't great this weekend so I didn't take pictures yet but I will soon !I started working on a skirt, it's actually a Burda pattern I used before to make a leather skirt. It does not happen often but YES I'm making a pattern twice!! I really like my leather skirt (so much that I brought it to Haiti, why? I don't know) but between the leather and the New York length, I won't wear it. So I'm making this version 7" longer out of a coated cotton I got at Paron's just before I left.Nap pale ! (Trying to practice my Creole...)