Introducing the Tyra Tee

Introducing the Tyra Tee

Dear readers,

There have been a lot of changes around here in the recent months, so I’m particularly happy to be able to bring you a new pattern, the Tyra Tee!

The Tyra Tee was born of my obsession this summer to find the perfect oversized tshirt to tuck into my high-waisted bottoms, inspired by the return of the 80s’ and 90s’. I’ve sewn quite a few samples for myself and I love how it has become such a wardrobe staple for me already. I love to wear it tucked or semi-tucked, but also out for a super casual a relaxed look.

The pattern features an intentional oversized fit, dropped shoulder and a ribbing neckband. The construction is the one of a standard tshirt so it’s really your fabric choice and your styling that will make it a special piece.

All samples are cut from heavy cotton jersey, and for this pattern I recommend using knit fabric with good body.

This sewing pattern is available in the full-size range 34 to 56, with a B/C cup for the 34-46 size range and a DD cup for the 46-56 range! The instructions include step-by-step instructions. This pattern is a super quick sew and in case you need help, I curate a list of useful tutorials in the resource page!

The pattern includes:

  • Layered PDF pattern in printing options for each of the 2 size ranges (print at home for letter or A4, A0 and US Copyshop for paper 36" wide);

  • Cutter's must;

  • PDF layout;

  • order of operations ;

  • and step-by-step illustrated instructions.

I also want to highlight that this is the first pattern I release both in French and in English, which is something I meant to do for a long time! I took the opportunity to update the Stephanie Skirt at the same time so if you look over in the shop, you will see new product pictures and also translate it into French!

As usual, the patterns feature Just Patterns’ signature “order of operations” as it comes in handy for experienced sewists who like to refer quickly to steps without scrolling through pages of instructions.

I’m still in the process of updating the Linda Wrap Dress and the Yasmeen skirt, but by the end of the year all patterns should follow the same size range, be available in both languages and have new pictures.

I hope that you will enjoy sewing Tyra, and don't forget to tag #tyratee if you post on social media!

Happy sewing!

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