Meet the new Stephanie Skirt !

Meet the new Stephanie Skirt !

We are so glad to announce the re-release of one of our bestsellers, the Stephanie Skirt with our newly extended size range and fully illustrated step-by step instructions.

As mentioned in my last post, the most lesson since launching Just Patterns was that stopping our size chart at size 46 was a mistake, both on a human and business side. It left too many sewists outside of our range. Unfortunately, after releasing 5 patterns in the first year, life got in the way and we did not have time to invest in updating or developing patterns. We are very sorry for that.

Earlier this year, I finally got some time to create a new size range. The grading is now broken into 2 overlapping ranges: 34 to 46 and 46 to 56. Grading between sizes is one of the easiest pattern alterations, so it was important for us to avoid a gap between ranges. And it you are a size 46, you now have more options than before!

The pattern was completely regraded to maintain style integrity across many sizes. It means several tweaks, such as increasing the depth of the pleats and the pocket opening proportionally with the sizes. We also added style lines to the front and back of the skirt for the size range 46 to 56 in order to match with standard width of fabric and maintain reasonable fabric requirements. The new style lines are concealed in the inner fold of the side pleats in order to be as discreet as possible.

Thanks to our testers, we also improved the user experience and the accessibility of the pattern. Markings on the pattern were streamlined for clarity and ease of sewing. The instruction booklet now includes a a cutter’s must per size range, detailed fabric requirements and most importantly illustrated step-by-step instructions. We kept our signature “order of operations” as it comes in handy for experienced sewists who like to refer quickly to steps without scrolling though pages of instructions.

Among the things that we decided against including are sewing “levels”. I always thought those were extremely subjective. Many sewists are perfectionist and extremely self-critical of themselves and of their work. I believe that with patience and the right resources, most people could tackle this skirt.

Because of the time that went into the update and in an effort to make Just Patterns more sustainable, we decided to increase the price to 10$ US. This will allow us to keep working on updating our current catalog of patterns and release new ones. If you are curious about the numbers and the economics of selling digital patterns, you can read our income reports from Year 1 and Year 2.

If you bought the pattern before, you are entitled to a free copy of the new and improved Stephanie Skirt!

  • If you purchased directly from us, you already have the new version!

  • If you purchased from Pattern Review or Upcraft Club, you should have received the new files directly from them.

  • If you purchased from Etsy, you should have received an email with the new files. If you haven't, do not hesitate to send us a copy of your receipt and we'll be happy to email you the pattern.

  • If you purchased from Makerist, send us a copy of your receipt and we'll be happy to email you the pattern.

We are excited to share the gorgeous versions sewn by our testers next week and we hope that you will be inspire to sew one for yourself. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns!

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