A move, exciting news and what to expect around here in 2018...

A move, exciting news and what to expect around here in 2018...

Dear readers, 

The last quarter of the year just seem to have been on fast-forward. Life has been busy at Tidbits HQ!  The main reason behind my silence is that I traveled to France for holidays (Yes, I saw the Dior exhibit and yes, it is absolutely amazing!!). Upon coming back to New York, I learned that I would be moving back to Haiti (on Thanksgiving weekend...) less than 2 months later. Things were hectic… I had to break my lease, sell all my furniture in New York, organize the shipment of the rest of my belongings aka the sewing room ;-), find a place to live in Haiti and start my new job! 

I'm going to miss my friends, the Garment District, my nice apartment and New York City in general, but I'm also really glad to be back. Haiti is a beautiful country and I managed to avoid the freezing New York winter!

Things are finally starting to slow down but I started writing this post 3 weeks ago… I initially thought that I could write some more before the end of the year, but that quickly became unrealistic. So I figured that I may as well make it an end of the year kind of post. Currently, my sewing room is in a container somewhere in the port of Port-au-Prince and I'm trying to arrange for customs clearance and delivery, right between Christmas and New Year. This is going to be fun... But in the mean time, I am completely restless! Without sewing to keep myself busy, once the little human is asleep, I just don't know what to do with myself!

(My last sewn garment in while in New York, a Stephanie Skirt in a gorgeous cashmere/wool coating from Mood that will see very little wear in Haiti…)

Sometimes, I feel like every other post here has me questioning the very fact of writing a sewing blog. And yet, Tidbits just celebrated its 5th anniversary. This is quite incredible considering my bad record at any documentation effort. I never thought that I would actually make it that long, so I spent time reflecting on why I managed to keep the blog running and I think I have the answer: it's you! No matter how much time pasded in between 2 posts, you were always around to welcome me back and engage, so I want to say a huge thank you!

I hope you are all having a peaceful end of year and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about what 2018 has in store for the sewing world!

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