Burda Open Back Dress 03/2013

Burda Open Back Dress 03/2013

EDIT - New close-ups I found on my phone. Yes I'm one of this people who has a phone that takes better pictures than her camera. I should do something about it but I don't feel like jumping the "reflex" step yet...I finally got around taking the pictures and writing the post about this dress that I finished two weeks ago !! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had some issues with the fit, but here is the final result :CIMG0067For some reason the picture quality is not nice this time, I apologize!  I made the dress in size 17 (Burda petite sizing, see pattern here), which is my usual size and I normally have very little fit problems. Well not this time...CIMG0060I really like the full skirt and the open back but the dress does not seem to agree to stay in place. The back tends to ride up and the shoulders tends to come closer to the neck preventing the neckline from lying nice and flat...CIMG0073The fabric is a printed silk I found here in Port-au-Prince (I was so happy). I used a brown cotton poplin for the sash and the lining of the bodice. This poplin have been in my stash forever. I remember packing it almost 4 years ago when I moved from France to Zambia. I, of course, had packed my sewing machine and some notions. I added this fabric as a "just in case". Fabrics were amazing in Zambia so there was no case but it followed me to New York and finally found its use in Haiti where it found its match with this silk.CIMG0083I'm not sure if I like it more with or without the sash... Any opinion ?CIMG0092Anyway... Regarding the fit, it did not show any issue when put on my form so I was disappointed when I tried it on before putting in the zipper and it was GAPPING like CRAZY on the side. I'm not one afraid to show some skin but this was waaaaayy to close to a potential wardrobe malfunction. I let it rest for a few days and then I decided to scoop the neckline a little and I added some "darts" on the back pieces. See below :




Construction is fairly simple once you figure out the instructions. I fused all the outside edges of the bodice with the fusible tape I got for a ridiculous price one day at Pacific Trimmings in NYC.


For the straps, the idea is to sew them up to where they are going to connect to the cap sleeve, clip and turn them out. Then you can enclose them between the self and the lining.


I am not yet fully proficient with my serger so I just zigzagged the raw edges of the sleeves :


For the invisible zipper, as usual I used the Fashion Incubator tutorial. For some reason in the last few weeks I saw it popping up on other sewing blogs (yes, plural) as a "new" way of finishing zippers and lining with no hand sewing, but it's been around on Fashion Incubator since 2005!!

Some dressform shots where you can see what I was saying about the back riding up :





 And finally some better quality close-ups...



So, sash or no sash ??

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