Inspiration for the Tyra Tee

Inspiration for the Tyra Tee

Dear readers,

Inspiration posts are among my favorite ones to write. Still, in the Tyra tee case, the hashtag on Instagram already has so many inspiring and fun versions that this post almost felt unnecessary. I decided to write it anyway because RTW inspiration truly reflects why I started sewing. I'm a very impulsive sewist despite my best efforts to make some kind of future project list. One picture, one garment in a window, can be enough to derail all plans and make me forget about all my other projects. It's precisely what happened when I saw a picture of an oversized t-shirt tucked in high-waisted classic trousers and became obsessed. I started with the t-shirt side of the outfit, but you can be sure that you will be hearing about the pants very soon!

Regarding fabric choice, to achieve the structured look, a heavy-weight jersey is recommended. Most of the samples visible on the product page are made in cotton jerseys that are 200 g/m². That said, there are already many gorgeous versions on Instagram sewn in lighter knits and even two sewn in a woven.

Tyra is inspired by minimalist fashion and the return of the 80s' and 90s'. As a result, primary colors match this pattern perfectly and will pair really well with high-waisted denim. For instance, finding a good white t-shirt, not see-through, at an affordable price can be an elusive quest these days. So investing in a good quality white jersey can really help you fill that gap in your handmade closet.

Stripe Tyra

Striped jerseys are also a fantastic choice for Tyra. The contrast of direction between the sleeves and the body adds interest. Any width and spacing of stripe will look good. In case you cannot find ribbing that matches your fabric for the neckline, you can also use a band of the same fabric, cut on the cross-grain.

Bold Tyra

You also can choose a very bright color or a fun print to sew a statement t-shirt. Some makers have already started using screen printing and hand-painting. The actual sewing of the t-shirt is speedy, so it's the perfect opportunity to experiment with additional embellishments. Tie-dyeing is another fun option.

Make it your own

And finally, my favorite category with all the hack options. Simple changes to the length of the body and/or the sleeves will produce something different. Contrasting stitching is also a great and easy option. Using sweatshirt material and adding cuffs would also make the cutest sweater. And I totally want to try mix-and-matching fabric for a patchwork effect, or more subtle just different sleeves, as a way to use smaller left-overs.

I hope that you are inspired and remember that the Tyra Tee is 20% off until Friday! Just writing this post has significantly lengthened my to-sew list 😅. In case you want to see more, I keep a Pinterest board specific to the Tyra tee.

Happy sewing,


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