Meet the new Linda Wrap Dress!

Meet the new Linda Wrap Dress!

Dear readers,

After a year of work, I’m so happy to finally be able to re-introduce the Linda Wrap Dress! I’ve loved this pattern since day 1, aka 2017 when it was first released. Over the last 4 years, I’ve learnt and grown a lot in my business practice and it led me to pinpoint many mistakes made in the early (and not so early) days. If you have followed me for a while, you know what some of those are: the limited sizing, the absence of detailed instructions, and samples that didn’t always show the designs at their best. So when I started working on upgrading Linda, I was committed to doing right, no matter how long it would take. And indeed it took some time 😅. But let’s look at what is new and what is not:

The design itself is unchanged, Linda is still the same elegant and comfortable wrap dress with a relaxed fit, a flattering bias cut collar at the base of the neck, and practical patch pockets. Shaping is achieved with soft gathers in the bodice and the skirt. The 3/4 length sleeves have a two-piece sleeve placket, and a cuff closed with a button. The neckline is finished with bias binding. Collar, neckline, cuffs, pockets, waistband, and skirt front edge are emphasized by double topstitching for a polished finish. The waistband features a belt-like closure and a belt loop. If you struggle to find a buckle, I will write a specific blog post about possible alternatives but you can already see that I used buttons for my second sample.

All samples are cut with 4 ply silk (the red one was much friendlier than the creme 😅). For this pattern, I recommend woven fabrics with excellent drape, such as medium weight wool crepe, 3-4 ply silk or acetate/viscose blend crepe.

So what has changed? Well, first of all, the addition of the 46-60 size range. The dress for this size range was drafted from scratch (on a size 50 as this is my sample size for this size range at the moment) and graded. When I work on this size range, it’s very important for me to maintain the integrity of the style, provide the best fit I can and think through the overall proportions. It’s a lengthy and individualized process for each pattern as it cannot be only solved by having a new “block”. But I think that the result is totally worth it!

The style went through 3 rounds of testing. The positive consequence of it taking so long is that it was easy to add sizes 58 and 60 and test them when I added them to the size range in July. I really want to acknowledge the amazing group of individuals who helped me throughout this year. Testing is a tough job and in addition, it took me a long time to get this style right, so their patience and contribution are way beyond what I could have hoped for. Since it is available in the full size range 34 to 60, I offer to grade it up or down at no extra cost if your measurements are at least one full size outside of the range (more information here):

Linda is an involved sew but not as complicated as it might look at first glance. I completely re-wrote the instructions and added illustrations for all the steps. As with recently released patterns, Linda is available in French and English. It follows the new layout and branding you already noticed in my latest designs, making the instructions easier to read.

The pattern includes:

  • a layered PDF pattern in 3 options for each of the 2 size ranges (print at home for US letter or A4, A0 and Projector); This is my first time doing projector files so I very much welcome your feedback on this!

  • a cutter's must (a summary table of the pattern pieces and cutting information);

  • a PDF layout;

  • the Just Patterns’ signature order of operations 😊;

  • and step-by-step illustrated instructions.

If you bought the pattern before, you are of course entitled to a free copy of the new and improved Linda Wrap Dress!

  • If you purchased directly from me or Etsy, you will receive the new version in the coming days by email (if you don’t, please send me a copy of your receipt)

I’m also taking this opportunity to update you on my sizing update. Linda is the third pattern available up to a hip 59 ⅞ and all other patterns are currently being updated to add sizes 58 and 60, despite some graphic design delays. Thank you so much for your patience, they should all be online in the coming weeks. The only pattern left behind is the Yasmeen skirt, but it’s next on my list and I have exciting things planned for it, that I cannot wait to share with you!

I hope you will enjoy sewing Linda and don’t forget to tag #LindaWrapDress if you post on social media! Since this is an existing pattern you can already see many gorgeous versions if you explore the #lindawrapdress on Instagram!

Happy sewing!

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