Tatjana Trousers testers round-up

Tatjana Trousers testers round-up

Dear readers,

I have more content planned around the Tatjana Trousers for the new year, but first, I wanted to share the fantastic versions sewn by the testers. Seeing them helps give you an idea of what the patterns will look like on different bodies, and I'm incredibly grateful for the work and support of the members of my testing group.

Tatjana went through only one round of testing, but the main outcome was that for the 34-46 size range, I removed some ease in the hips and added some in the waist. For the 46-56 size range, I mostly adjusted the crotch. The versions you see are sometimes sewn as per the pattern but most often, testers did a toile and we discussed the changes together. In case you want help in fitting your toile for Tatjana, you can always reach out to me!

Alisha, of alishasparks sewed size 48:

Sue, of Beautyfull handmade, also made hers is a classic light grey in size 36. I have to say that her version looks extremely cosy!

Nikki, of So Nikki Sews, made this gorgeous version in size 52 in a nice plaid. Very classy!

Laura, whom you can find here on Instgram, sewed a classic and timeless Tatjana in black, in size 56.

Eleonora, of io_e_carlotta, made her gorgeous version in a wool and linen blend in size 40.

Nicole of Nicole at Home, sewed this crisp version in size 34. I think she is ready to run for an elected office don’t you think?

Last but definitely not least, Anneloes, of Bab0eshka, stunned me with this version of Tatjana in size 38 and a picture taken by a friend who owns a professional studio. I cannot get over it!!

You may have noticed that this is a relatively small testing group, this pattern was fairly involved so I am still waiting for the pictures of two of my testers (one in each size range). I will add them when they become available. This was also my second test that included financial compensation for testers, and I have to say that I am sold. The energy of the group and the support I’ve been getting has been amazing.

So thank you again to my great testing team!! I couldn’t do this without them. I also wanted to remind you that you have until Friday to get the Tatjana Trousers sewing pattern 20%. Visit the shop!

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