Veronica Vest - Update + front variation + bagging tutorial

Veronica Vest - Update + front variation + bagging tutorial

Dear readers,

I’m thrilled to share some exciting updates about one of my favorite patterns of all times: the Veronica Vest! Based on your generous feedback, I've released a corrected version, and it now includes a free front variation!

If you previously purchased the Veronica Vest pattern from my website, you should have automatically received the updated version. If you haven't received it or if you bought it from another platform, send me a message, and I’ll ensure you get the update promptly.

To celebrate this update, all newsletter subscribers can take 20% off the new and improved Veronica Vest with the code VERONICA20.This offer is valid from today until 14th of June 2024 (if you are not a newsletter subscriber you will need to register first, you can do so here).

What’s new with Veronica?

  • Smoother Curves: I’ve refined the grading for both size ranges to ensure smoother curves as the patterns grades up.
  • Side Seam Fix: I found the original sin in my software that had led to a discrepancy in the front side seam for the size range 34-46. It's now fixed, hopefully once and for all!
  • Button Spacing: Adjusted button spacing for sizes 46-60 to achieve perfect alignment.
  • Improved projector files: Veronica still had the first version of my projector files so I also updated those to make them easier to use.

Veronica's Front Variation!

The new front variation adds a fresh twist to the classic Veronica Vest design. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Sleek Design: This variation features a contemporary, semi-fitted design with an asymmetric button closure. The slightly raised neckline extends into a V-shape.
  • Fun Button Arrangement: Six buttons arranged diagonally across the front provide a unique twist on classic tailoring.
  • Same Personalized Fit: Shaping is still achieved through front and back waist darts, with the back adjuster to personalize the fit.
  • Streamlined Look: The front welt pockets have been eliminated for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance.

Bagging the lining tutorial

One of the things I fixed also is the step in the instructions for bagging the lining. The text was not detailed enough and the illustration could be confusing. In addition, I also took pictures while sewing the new sample so I could share them with you in a tutorial. Let's dive into it!

By the end of step 12, you should have a full outer layer constructed and full lining except for the side seams:

Step 13: 

Place the outer and lining layers right sides together and stitch front to lining at the front V and neckline, with 1/4" / 0.6cm seam allowances. Trim the corners, shoulder seam allowances and then grade the lining seam allowances.

Under stitch as far as possible and press.

Step 14:

Stitch front to lining armholes, right sides together, with 1/4" / 0.6cm seam allowances. Trim shoulder seam allowances and grade lining allowance.

The lining is drafted slightly smaller so that it stays inside the self even without understitching the armholes.

Turn the vest right side out through shoulders and press.


Step 15:

Now it's time to stitch the front and lining side seams.

We will do this in one pass. Start by pinning the side seams right sides together, matching notches and armhole seams.

The front lining is longer than front piece, therefore make a pleat over front hem facing (as you did in step 11).


Stitch with 3/8" / 1cm seam allowances. Trim the armhole seam allowances to avoid bulk.

Clip at the top of the hem facing so you can press the hem facing section towards the back. Press the rest of seam open.

Step 16

Start with the garment open.

Bring the bottom of the outer and the lining up independently so that the right sides of vest and lining are facing each other and rest of the vest is enclosed as in in a bag.

Pin matching side seams, darts, V and other marks.

The seam allowance of the front neckline should be folded towards the outer layer.

Stitch hem together with 1/4" / 0.6cm seam allowances in two passes. Start on one front until the middle of the V without catching the V seam allowances. Then stitch from the other front to the other side of the V.

 Clip corners, side seam allowances and back V.

Turn vest right side out through back lining opening, press making sure the lining is slightly inside the outer layer.

You are now ready to and close back opening with a slip stitch, attach the buckle, the buttons and embroider the buttonholes to finish your Veronica Vest!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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