#2102 Linda Wrap Dress – Resource Page

At Just Patterns, we believe in empowering dressmakers rather than providing detailed step-by-step recipes. In case you need help to figure out a particular step or you want to discover a new ways to do things, we provide you compilation of resources you may find useful when constructing your garment. The parts in italic are referring to actual steps from the order of construction provided with the pattern.

Fabric  and Notions



Tutorial by Grainline Studio


This design is all about topstitching! Read some good tips by Sewaholic.

If you do a lot of double topstitching, you may consider investing in a Dual Compensating Raising Foot:

Finishing the neckline

Using bias tape as a neckline facing by Megan Nielsen

2 piece Sleeve Plackets

Tutorial by Off the Cuff

 Attaching sleeve cuffs

Tutorial by Grainline Studio

Tutorial by Fashion Incubator

Attaching sleeves to bodice

Tutorial by Grainline Studio

Patch pockets

Tutorial by Inseam Studio

Using a template by SewDIY

Sewing identical pockets at Craftsy


Tutorial by Sheila Wong

Tutorial at Colette

Step 19 from the Linda Wrap Dress:  Gather bodice and skirt between notches to match lengths of the waistband.

Linda Wrap Dress Instruction diagram

Linda Wrap Dress Instruction diagram

Attaching the waistband

Waistband to bodice tutorial by Sewaholic

Skirt to waistband by Sewaholic

Step 20:  Stitch Bodice between the 2 belt pieces

Just Patterns Linda Wrap Dress instructions diagram step 20

Step 21: Stitch belt pieces together along short edge and V extension

Just Patterns Linda Wrap Dress instructions diagram step 20

Step 22: Stitch the skirt to the outer belt

Just Patterns Linda Wrap Dress instructions diagram step 20

Step 23: Fold the raw edge of the inner belt to the skirt and topstitch all around the belt

Just Patterns Linda Wrap Dress Instruction Diagram Step 23

Constructing the buckle holder

Inserting 2 pieces eyelets by Sewing with Colour

Video on inserting eyelets by Professor Pincushion

Embroidering eyelets by Sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials

Step 24: Construct the buckle holder and insert the eyelet.

Step 25: Insert the buckle and attach the buckle holder to the belt


Sew on snaps tutorial by Craftsy

Sewing snaps video by Monkey See


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