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With Just Patterns, I believe in empowering dressmakers to improve their skills with each project. In case you need help to figure out a particular step or you want to discover a new ways to do things, I curated a compilation of resources you may find useful when constructing your garment.

To buy the Veronica Vest, please visit my shop. If you are stuck on certain parts or would like to suggest other useful tutorials, don't hesitate to get in touch!


If you bought your pattern before 13 December 2022, the back and lining back pieces have a mistake (the side seam does not match the front accurately). I created a file with the updated back and lining back pieces, you can download the 34-46 updated pieces and the new backs for the 46-60 size range.

If you would like to receive an updated pattern, send me a message with your order number, and I will be glad to send you a new link to the complete files.

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Additional Tutorials and Resources


With many of its pieces fully interfaced, block fusing is a great option for Veronica, learn more about block fusing with Off-the-Cuff.

Advice to source fusible weft interfacing with Closet Core Patterns.

Vest construction

Balancing a dart with Threads Magazine (with Veronica you only balance the dart tip).

Tailoring the front dart with Thread Theory designs.

Sewing and pressing tips to avoid a pointy dart on the Youtube Channel of the Awl Nighter.

Constructing the front welt pockets with one piece pocket back starting at 37.00 on the Youtube Channel of Nancy’s notions.

Classic welt pocket curator tutorial by the Creative Curator.

Making a vest back belt starting at 11.30 on the Youtube Channel of Abi’s Den.

Easing the back shoulder seam and understand seam ease with In-House patterns studio.


Attaching a vest lining on the Youtube Channel of Abi’s Den.

Bagging a vest lining (in a different order) on the Youtube Channel of Tailor Nour.

Sewing buttons

My favorite hand sewing buttons tutorial is by Thread Theory!